Bamfaux (Imitation Bamboo) Couplings
Bamfaux has also been called Imitation Bamboo and/or Synthetic Bamboo and/or Artificial Bamboo and/or Faux Bamboo
Bamfaux is made by JoeJude Enterprises

Couplings come in various shapes and sizes. They fit onto the edges of the Bamfaux (Imitation Bamboo) to turn the pipe, lengthen it or split it into other angles. It's really fun to play with the fittings to see what all you could conceive to make fact.

 Some of our customers use the Bamfaux (Imitation Bamboo)...

  • at Shows and Expos,
  • for Art, Decor, Background,
  • at Resorts and Theme Parks,
  • at home, inside and/or outside,
  • for Tropical Themes and Asian Themes,
  • at Restaurants, Asian, Eastern, Japanese,
  • inside Hotels lobbies, conference rooms, pools,
  • at the office party, in the office lobby, or a special office.

Bamfaux couplings and connections look just like bamboo Coupling

A Coupling connects 2 pipes together to lengthen them and keep them straight.


Bamfaux is Imitation Bamboo End Cap
This completes - ends - a hollow Bamfaux pipe leaving behind a rounded edge.

Imitation Bamboo is Bamfaux

Synthetic bamboo is the same as Duracane or Imitation bamboo T-Piece / 3 Outlets

Connects 3 pipes. It is a coupling (as above) with another pipe at right angles to the first two.


Even Bamfaux has to start with something. We use PVC as our base Joining 3 bamfaux pipes will require this type of coupling both Bamfaux and Duracane mimic bamboo

Faux bamboo or fake bamboo or plastic bamboo looks exactly like bamboo when JoeJude Enterprises manufactures it Cross
This connects 4 pipes. It is a coupling (as above) that connects to another coupling at right angles. Where 4 pipes meet they are connected to be allowed to continue and lengthen.


4 Outlets
Bamfaux is Imitation Bamboo Imitation Bamboo is Bamfaux  Duracane precedes Bamfaux. They are the same thing except for the name

Bamfaux elbows join 2 pipes together Elbow 90o

An elbow changes the direction of the pipe. In this case it makes the pipe turn at 90o - a perpendicular turn away from the pipe.

This type of Bamfaux elbow is perfect for stair rails Elbow 45o

This elbow allows the pipe to change direction to a 45o angle. That is half way between perpendicular (which would be 90o) and straight.



Bamfaux elbows come in various shapes and sizes Elbow 22 o

This angle is again half of the angle above, closer to the straight side, so that the angle is less obvious.




Bamfaux is made by JoeJude Enterprises Elbow 11 o

This elbow angle is again half of the one above, closer to the straight side so the angle is less (smaller).



5 Outlets
Bamfaux is Imitation Bamboo Bamfaux is made by JoeJude Enterprises JoeJude Enterprises mimcs bamboo with Bamfaux Bamfaux and Duracane are the same product


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