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Bamfaux is Imitation Bamboo, Synthetic Bamboo, Faux Bamboo, Fake Bamboo, Plastic Bamboo or Duracane
The Sole Manufacturers of Bamfaux
(Imitation Bamboo is called Bamfaux)

Custom Products are Customer Specific Bamfaux is made by JoeJude Enterprises

Because we are all different, we often have different needs. Business is not dissimilar to life and this page proves it. Here are some of the custom products we've built. Some only have diagrams as they were built before the photographer could capture them. Others are ideas from our own in-house designer.

Maybe from this selection you can mix and match to find a perfect solution to your needs.

Please remember that although each item has a name or label, it does not mean that is its only use or purpose. What to one person is simply a pole, to another might mean a giant beanstalk, towel rack, roof downspout, or bed frame. I'm sure that once your imagination is employed, you can find other uses for a simple imitation bamboo pole.

Imitation Bamboo = Bamfaux
Imitation Bamboo = Bamfaux = synthetic bamboo = artificial bamboo

Bamfaux has been called Imitation Bamboo, Synthetic Bamboo and/or Artificial Bamboo. Its real name is Bamfaux.Bamfaux Coupling = Imitation Bamboo Coupling

It has been named all these and probably more. It's the ideal imitation of live bamboo stalks that take the place of the real bamboo where live stalks will either wilt, die, wither or get brittle, soggy or mildewed.

It's for show only and it shows extremely well. Whether indoors or out, Imitation Bamboo (Bamfaux) is perfect for setting themes, ambiance, moods and atmosphere. Its only downfalls are that it does not bear loads or cope well with harsh rubbing.

Bamfaux Elbow = Imitation Bamboo ElbowWe make the Bamboo stalks, nothing else. The rest is only to inspire your imagination and show you the possible uses for our Bamfaux (Imitation Bamboo).

It can transform a dull reception area into a show place. Carefully placed and cut to design, it can be a masterpiece of art. When foliage adorns it, it transforms into plants that never need nourishment, water, music or even talking to.Judeline Meintjes is the Author of imitation bamboo and Bamfaux Articles, manufactured by JoeJude Enterprises

Bamfaux can be split down the middle giving you two halves, or arcs, that can cover almost anything whether it's walls or tops. It can be placed beside itself to form a unilateral line of cupped stalks for fencing, bar frames, wallpaper, roof tiles or an ornamental wall.

Bamfaux Torch Pole = Imitation Bamboo Torch Holder Bamfaux Ideas!
Imitation Bamboo is called Bamfaux

Arbor / Arch


Bar Frame

Curtain Rod

Decorative Fencing

Door Frame Bamfaux T = Imitation Bamboo T-piece


Fencing Uprights

Flower Bed Marker


Imitation Plant Stalk

Load-Bearing Beam Cover

Ornamental Wall Bamfaux Endcap = Imitation Bamboo End Cap

Picture Frame

Plant Stalk

Roof Tiles

Tiki Torch Holder

Tiki Upright Bamfaux is manufactured by JoeJude Enterprises

Towel Rack

Umbrella Upright Cover


Wedding Arbor / Arch / Platform

Bamfaux Curtain Rod = Imitation Bamboo Curtain Rod

Imitation Bamboo is called Bamfaux

Bamfaux is manufactured in the United States by JoeJude Enterprises

Bamfaux Picture Frame = Imitation Bamboo Picture Frame

Weddings are celebrations that should last a long time. Bamfaux is the answer.
More for weddings...

Bamfaux is maintenance free


Bamfaux or Imitation Bamboo downspout is made by JoeJude Enterprises Bamfaux Downspout = Imitation Bamboo Downspout
Click for enlarged view.


JoeJude Enterprises is the sole manufacturer of Bamfaux in the United States
Click for enlarged view.
Fast Lane Construction sent these pictures showing how Bamfaux is being used.

Once Imitation Bamboo (Bamfaux) is installed, these final pictures were taken. In lieu of the usual yearly maintenance of bamboo shoots, sunlight and rain damage, mites and mold, our Bamfaux will be a pleasure, because the only maintenance would be to ensure the water is flowing.

Picture of Bamfaux by Fast Lane Construction

Christopher A. Lane
Fast Lane Construction, Inc.
407 529 4736

Bamfaux manufactured for Fast Lane Construction

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