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Bamfaux is Imitation Bamboo, Synthetic Bamboo, Faux Bamboo, Fake Bamboo, Plastic Bamboo or Duracane
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(Imitation Bamboo is called Bamfaux)

Imitation Bamboo = Bamfaux = synthetic bamboo = artificial bamboo

Why do some people prefer 8ft lengths?

There are many reasons, some of which are on this page.

Reason 1:

The cost of shipping is much less expensive if the longest length is 8ft and less. Shipping 10ft+ lengths is much more expensive.

An example?
Shipping 8ft would cost somewhere around $30 or $50 depending on weight and distance from us.
Shipping 10ft lengths (or any length over 10ft) would be a minimum of $180.


Reason 2:

Pipes can be joined on site with minimum fuss and bother. If you remember, each pipe has a bell on one end. This facilitates one pipe fitting over another pipe of the same diameter to lengthen the pipeline.
Bamfaux has the very same qualities.
Purchasing 2 x 20ft lengths and having it shipped out as 8ft lengths gives you 4 x 8ft and 2 x +4ft. (Remember our dimensions are approximate.) Taking the 2 x 4ft lengths you can use one to join onto the other pipe and lengthen that 4ft to 8ft, or maybe closer to 7ft 6 inches, because of the overlap.

Reason 3:

The height of a Roof is 8ft.
For single storey buildings, Tiki huts, outside Bars, Umbrellas and many outdoor activity attractions, unless you want Bamfaux to be submerged in dirt, you will not need any length longer than 8ft.

And downspouts,
from the gutter to the ground, need be no longer than 8ft. If your roof is higher (for example, many floors) then you can join the Bamfaux pipes with Bamfaux Couplings and Bamfaux Elbows, to go around almost any obstacle and, in this way, lead the rainwater toward the desired destination.

Reason 4:

Most people can look over a 3 or 4ft high barrier.
Therefore, if you choose to use Bamfaux for a garden border, decorative fencing, or demarcation, this height will allow guests to see, what they are not allowed to touch.

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