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JoeJude Enterprises is the SOLE manufacturer of Bamfaux in the United States.

Bamfaux imitates natural Bamboo cane, except it repels the harmful effects of sunlight, rain and humidity, and prevents harmful insects from laying their eggs in it.

Our very versatile Bamfaux is ideal for Asian, African and Tropical Exhibits at Zoos, Water Parks, Amusement Parks, Resorts and Expos, as well as the Entertainment Industry (private, residential, as well as commercial).

The next evolution in Imitation Bamboo (Bamfaux) is to use it for planters.

Remember it repels water. It doesn't soften when you overwater your plants, nor soak up the excess, and no insects can lay their eggs within it. Therefore no bacteria, or mold, will harm your plants (unless it comes from within the soil or one of the plants itself).

Please note: Your ideas are very important. We can follow your specifications if you have something specific in mind.

Here are a few pictures of our planters.

2ft Planter

3ft Planter
4ft Planter
5ft Planter
3-way Planter
Picture not

The underside has slits to allow for water drainage.

The wooden edges are the same color as the feet.

The wooden feet allow you to place it on a flat surface.

S-shaped metal can hold your planter against a wall or wood-topped fence.

Ask your resident 'Interior Decorator' for ideas on how Bamfaux might augment your Entertainment or Reception area to make it more pleasant and aesthetically pleasing.

You might be surprised by what our Bamfaux can do.

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